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Corns Corns occur when toes rub against each other or skin is squeezed between your shoe and the bones of your feet. They can be hard or soft and although painful, options are available to ease the discomfort. Donメt suffer the discomfort of corns. You can now get rid of them easily and safely. Scholl Corn Shield Gel Plasters Corn Shield Plasters are advanced corn protection plasters utilising a revolutionary dual Hydra-Guard Technology with an outer layer of the cushion protecting the corn from rubbing and a gel zone restoring hydration and gradually removing the corn.

Corn shield gel plasters.
How are Scholl Corn Shield Gel Plasters different?
Corn Shield Gel Plasters are advanced Corn protection plasters utilising a revolutionary dual layer Hydra-Guard Technology:
1. The hard outer shield protects and guards the corn from friction and rubbing.
2. The soft gel island provides advanced cushioning and actively donates water to the site of the the corn, softening it, aiding removal.

• 100% natural corn treatment
• With Hydra Guard technology
• Instant pain & pressure relief
• Advanced gel protection
• Easy to apply
• Suitable for all hard corns
• Stays firmly in place
• Doesn’t use harsh acids

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