Betadine Antiseptic Solution 125ml


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Available on backorder

This medication is a local antiseptic that contains iodine.
It is used for skin antisepsis prior to surgery, wounds, small surface burns and in the adjunctive treatment of skin and mucous membrane lesions, infected or at risk of infection.

This medication should not be used in the following cases:
history of allergy to polyvidone iodine;
newborn (less than 1 month old);
pregnancy (starting from the 4th month in case of prolonged use);
breastfeeding in case of prolonged treatment.

WARNING (Contents)
Avoid prolonged use of this medication, especially in children, mucous membranes and on extensive or deeply injured surfaces, without the advice of your doctor: risk of passing of iodine in the blood, which may lead to a disturbance in the functioning of the thyroid .
As a precautionary measure, in infants , short and short applications followed by washing with boiled water. In addition, this drug is contraindicated in newborns .
This antiseptic is not suitable for the disinfection of scissors, razors and other potentially contaminating objects.

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