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BabyStart Pre-Seed Lubricant 40g


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Pre-Seed was developed specifically to match a woman’s fertile fluids and to provide safe lubrication for use when trying to conceive a baby.
-Clinically shown to be a fertility-friendly lubricant
-Allows sperm to move freely
-Isotonic and pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids
-Developed by doctors
-Used in fertility clinics
-Published studies also show that Pre-Seed’s isotonic formula is less irritating to the sensitive tissues of intimacy than other leading lubricants. Pre-Seed also provides a natural feeling lubrication for use any time.

Why Use a Lubricant to Conceive?
When couples are trying to conceive, sex is typically planned around ovulation. Sometimes it helps to have a lubricant to make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable. When using Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly lubricant you can be confident that you are using a high quality lubricant that allows sperm to swim freely.
Women who are trying to conceive are also aware of the quality of their fertile fluids. Normally, during ovulation, these special fluids are made by the woman’s body to support sperm on their journey through the cervix to meet the egg. Fluid volumes increase, and they become more slippery (like egg whites), with a rise in fluid pH to protect sperm. As women age, or if they have hormone imbalances, these normal fertile fluid changes don’t occur, making it difficult for the sperm to swim through the cervix.

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